Thursday, August 8, 2013

Shark Week!

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For the past few summers, stories of great white shark sightings off Cape Cod have topped the news. Normally, this doesn't surprise or intrigue me, but after reading Paul Greenberg's Four Fish, I now understand the importance of this issue - and think that it is especially important for Bostonians. We have a responsibility to protect these creatures despite their terrifying reputation. They, like all wildlife, are an essential component to the ecosystem.

This past Tuesday, OCEARCH began a month-long project aiming to tag 10-20 great whites off the coast of Chatham. As of today, none have yet been tagged because the sharks haven't been going for the bait (fish) because their meal of choice (seals) has been quite abundant in the area. But the the project is anticipated to be the largest Great White Shark expedition in U.S. history. “This expedition brings together an amazing team of researchers with broad experience in multiple disciplines. In doing so, we will be conducting over a dozen studies on white sharks, ranging from broad and fine scale migratory patterns to sonograms.  Our knowledge base on Atlantic white sharks will grow exponentially, helping both science and public safety.”

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