Monday, August 5, 2013

New Perspectives: Boston's Best Farmer's Markets

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Shopping for fresh, naturally grown food in any city is difficult at best, especially when convenience is a priority for busy professionals and other city dwellers. As a twenty-something professional, the challenge of eco-conscious eating can be exhausting (I admit to the occasional indulgence in those oh-so-convenient but horribly unhealthy take-out options).

Luckily, the city of Boston has taken this problem seriously and has supported local growers with more opportunities to sell their fresh produce to the masses. According to the City of Boston’s website, the number of farmer’s markets has increased from just 13 in 2004 to over 28 in 2011.

I love farmer's markets because they remind me of my hometown when I’m living in the city; fresh food, great people, and an always great experience (who can compare walking the industrialized rows of supermarket chains to strolling through the streets of Boston, perusing markets filled with colorful fruits and veggies?) Shopping at farmers markets also carries additional economic benefit; you can leave not only feeling good about yourself and what you’ll soon be filling into your stomach, but you can know that your support sustains the livelihoods of hundreds of small farmers and their families from Massachusetts.

Here are some of the best farmers markets that Boston has to offer (according to my own experiences, and with a little help from All are accessible with public transportation, just remember to bring cash and an empty stomach!

1. Copley Square Farmer’s Market: Tuesday & Friday, 11AM-6PM
2. Siena Farms South End Market: Tuesday – Sunday, 12PM – 8PM
3. City Hall Farmer’s Market: Monday & Wednesday, 11AM – 6PM
4. Dewey Square Market: Tuesday & Thursday, 11:30AM- 6:30PM
5. SoWa Open Market: Sunday 10AM- 4PM

Author: Stephanie is an Economics and Art History major at Boston College, residing in Chestnut Hill. She is also a Marketing Associate at Argopoint LLC, a management consulting firm in Beacon Hill. 

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