Tuesday, February 12, 2013

NEWIEE Mentorship Program

New England Women in Energy and the Environment is a group of accomplished professionals working for environmental sustainability in both the public and private sectors across the northeast. The group is a non-profit that provides business networking, education, mentoring, leadership, career development, and social opportunities for New England's female executives, engineers, consultants, attorneys, academics, policy makers, and other professionals with an interest in energy and/or environmental issues.

NEWIEE recently launched  a new mentoring program!  The goal is to create one on one matches or mentoring groups to allow women from all stages of their careers to come together and learn from those with different levels of experience.  If you are interested in either becoming a mentor, or a mentee, CLICK HERE  to fill out a survey.  There will be a kick-off event for the mentoring program in late March.  Responses to the survey will allow NEWIEE organizers to match compatible mentors with mentees. Please contact Jennifer Bernazani-Ludlum at with any questions about the mentoring initiative or this survey.

I am really thrilled about this program and recently filled out the survey myself! I am looking forward to the many learning opportunities that would come with participating.

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