Thursday, September 6, 2012

Transitioning Summer Clothes

There's no need to buy an entirely new wardrobe for fall. That would be wasteful, and totally uncreative! Instead, use these essential items to help transition you summer wardrobe into fun fall outfits.

1. Cardigan. A classic cardigan is the simplest way to wear a summer dress into the fall months.


2. A scarf. Scarves are my fav - they are cute and cover that skin that may no longer be appropriate later in the year - and make all t-shirts work appropriate!

Zebra scarf - have it in yellow!

3. Tights. Don't be afraid of nude nylons! They give an extra layer of warmth and most people won't even be able to tell you're wearing them - trust me. Then, when it really gets cold, switch to grey/brown/black/navy tights.

Colored Nylons....adorable

4. Booties. Skirts and flip flops are on their way out, but booties are perfect for that skirt before you go into knee-high boot mode.

Louie Fringe Booties - Tan

5. Blazer. Like a cardigan, a blazer will not only dress up your look, it will also keep you nice and toasty.


All Images Courtesy of Pinterest

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