Monday, September 24, 2012

Review: Skintimate Moisturizing Cream Shave

Pros                                                                          Cons                                      
-Works well on dry skin                                            -Rated 5 (Moderate Hazard) on EWG
-Easy to use bottle                                                     -Contains ALUMINUM STARCH OCTENYLSUCCINATE (hazard)
-Contains some natural ingredients                              -Contains artificial frangrance
-Lasts a long time                                                       -Company conducts animal testing (as of 2009)
-Company has sustainability commitments                   -Contains parabens

Conclusion: I don't usually use shaving cream because I find soap and warm water equally as effective. (See my Eco Friendly Guide to Smooth Summer Legs). I will probably go back to my trusty old soap and water after I finish this bottle of Skintimate, because, despite the moisturizing aspect, the product is not worth the artificial fragrances, aluminum products, and parabens. I do love the new bottle though - much more user-friendly than the old Skintimate bottle design. 

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