Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Review: Paula's Choice Earth Sourced Perfectly Natural Cleansing Gel

Pros                                                                            Cons                    
-Effective, not too harsh                                               -Not yet rated by EWG
-Moderate price ($17)                                                 -Not widely available
-Fragrance and dye free
-100% recyclable packaging

Conclusion: Not a whole lot of third party information about this product on the web - so I am wary of its claims to be 99% natural since the word "natural" has no specific criteria and can often be used by marketers to greenwash. However, I LOVE that this product is fragrance free - I feel truly clean after using it and it is gentle enough that I use it on my face (which is a BIG deal since I have super sensitive skin). I am eagerly awaiting for EWG to review the Paula's Choice Earth Sourced line of products on its SkinDeep database, because I like this cleanser, and LOVE the moisturizer, but I'm not quite convinced of their claims just yet. It is a great choice for vegans though!

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