Monday, April 9, 2012

Review: Gud Pearanormal Activity Natural Hand Cream

Pros                                                                            Cons                                
-Brand owned by Burt's Bees                                      -Not yet rated on the EWG Skindeep Database
-No parabens, petrochemicals, or pthalates                  -Has artificial fragrance
-Smells great
-Not tested on animals
-Good price ($8)
-Effective, thick, pleasant
-Widely available (Target)

Conclusion: The main reason this probably hasn't been rated by the EWG is because its a brand new product, so I'll let that slide. The only other negative is that it includes artificial fragrances, but this con is mostly outweighed by the fact that many of the other ingredients are natural and even organic. Plus the line of GUD products by Burt's Bees are about half the price of regular Burt's Bees products. I love that natural products like this one are now available to a wider market! I would definitely buy this product.

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