Friday, April 6, 2012

7 Ways to Green Your Easter Celebration

1. Make Easter baskets out of recycled/repurposed materials.

image courtesy of pinterest

2. Give goodies that reduce waste or have a green twist - think waterbottles, organic lip balm, tote bag, etc.

3. Choose organic and fair trade chocolates.

4. Avoid disposable plastic partyware (such as the faux grass in the basket pictured above).

5. Make your meal vegetarian-friendly. Include dishes made from organic vegetables and if you are serving meat, choose sustainably sourced meats (i.e. grass-fed, local, antibiotic-free).

6. Instead of purchasing flowers, decorate with found items and soy candles.

image courtesy of pinterest

7. Do something outside. My church hosts a "sunrise service" every Easter, during which the congregation climbs a local hill and watches the sunrise. It is a great way to incorporate a little exercise and respect for nature into the celebration!

This Weekend's Green Events: Boston University Eco Fest - Screening "Call of Life" at 7pm on Sunday.

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