Thursday, April 7, 2011

Green Beauty Routine

As I'm using up whats left in my makeup box, I am trying to purchase responsible and healthy alternatives to replace my old makeup. I want to go completely paraben free (parabens are synthetic chemicals that affect hormones and have been linked to breast cancer), and I am reducing my use of petroleum based products. However, it is sometimes difficult to find organic makeup in CVS, so I've been going to Sephora and doing some serious label-reading.

Sephora has a good selection of natural products, and even has a whole portion of their website dedicated to natural and organic make-up brands. The bad thing about Sephora is that their products are quite a bit more expensive than a standard drugstore. This is why I just got my Beauty Insider Card. It is totally free and serves as a discount card and puts you on VIP lists for sample give-aways. Hopefully the card will help me rack up the savings as I begin to green my beauty routine.

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  1. I just cleaned out a basket of ancient beauty products. I'd love to restock with some green products. You should review some for us!!