Friday, April 8, 2011


You eat meat. You don't want to admit it, but you do. You try to cut down...maybe you go vegetarian all week, but have a cheeseburger on Saturday, or maybe you don't eat meat for a whole month, but then you're at a Red Sox game and those Fenway franks are calling your are a FLEXITARIAN.

Sure going vegetarian or vegan is the best way to go, but for a lot of us traditionally raised (meat & potatoes) girls, its hard to go cold turkey on meat (look at that pun...I amaze myself). If you are one of these people that is struggling to go vegetarian, try cutting your meaty-meals in half, or be a weekday vegetarian. Afterall, if all the women in the U.S. ate half as much meat as they do now, it would be like a quarter of the population going completely vegetarian! So, don't give up, compromise with yourself. And maybe someday you'll be ready to take the big step to veggies only! Plus, its almost bikini season, so this is a good way to kickstart your spring diet.

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