Thursday, October 14, 2010

Its Not Whether You Win or Lose

Its What You Do With Your Dancing Shoes!

I know a lot of my recent posts have been about shoes, but this time, I really couldn't help myself. I was browsing on Ecouterre, as usual, and I found these:

No, you are not dreaming right now, that is really a VENDING MACHINE that sells shoes! The vending machines are designed to go in bars and dance clubs so that partiers can ditch their uncomfortable stilettos for some comfy flats. These ballet-shoe flats can fit inside of a cigarette box! Best of all, they are waterproof, so your walk home will be comfortable. So, how did these shoes make it onto my SUSTAINABILITY themed blog? They are biodegradable! They break down at the same rate as oak leaves!

Top 10 Places I would like to see these vending machines:
1. The Harp, Boston
2. Johnny Westsides, Boston
3. The Tick Tock Inn, Canton, NY
4. Anywhere in the entire city of Montreal
5. Club Cato, Copenhagen
6. La Hacienda, Copenhagen
7. Every bar in NYC
9. Butterfields, Stamford, CT
10. An Tains, Boston (No, I would never consider wearing heels to this bar, but on my way home from another bar it would be nice to stop in grab a pair of shoes and a $1 miller lite!)

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