Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Time to Weatherize Your Home or Apartment

Here are some easy ways to see energy savings on your bill this winter! Start before November, and you'll get the best results.

1. Install temporary window film to blog out the cold. 
2. Make blankets easily accessible for all of the places you spend the most time at home. 
3. Make a habit of opening blinds during the day and closing them after the sun goes down.
4. Insulate your water heater to keep it from losing heat.
5. In the winter, you'll likely take warmer showers - use a timer to make them as efficient as possible.
6. Use a draft blocker for leaky doors. 
7. Dress appropriately, you really shouldn't be comfortable in a T-shirt indoors when it is freezing outside. Dressing appropriately will allow you to turn the thermostat down a bit.
8. Create a sense of warmth with solar powered candles and a cup of tea. 

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