Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Spotlight: Sustainable Fashion Collaborative of Boston

Many people buy clothing without thinking twice about where they were produced, who made them, or event what materials they're made of. An organization that is working to better inform people on the complicated field of fashion ethics is the Sustainable Fashion Collaborative of Boston. The Sustainable Fashion Collaborative is a community of designers, retailers, consumers and thought-leaders that aims to initiate the conversation about ethical fashion and what it means to be a socially-responsible brand, as well as a conscious consumer. Their mission is to bring together and support a sustainable fashion community in the greater Boston area and promote a socially-conscious marketplace through innovative, collaborative and educational endeavors. They achieve this mission by hosting events and workshops. Most recently SFCBoston hosted a clothing swap - which is the easiest, cheapest, and most fun way to green your wardrobe! I'm keeping a close eye on their calendar and hope to attend their future events!

To keep up to date on SFCBoston events and other environmental happenings in Boston, please check out the Boston Green Blog Events Calendar.

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