Tuesday, February 21, 2012

7 Green Reasons Why I Can't Wait for Spring & Summer

1) Can't wait to turn the heat off! It will save me money, cut my carbon emissions and fossil fuel use, and will be easier on my skin.

2) I will be able to take cooler showers, which will also cut my carbon footprint and be better for my skin.

3) I'll finally be able to open all of my windows! Indoor Air Quality is much lower than outdoor air, so I can't wait to get some fresh air circulating to blow away all those VOCs and particulate matter.

4) Outdoor activities! Can't wait to just read outside instead of being all cooped up in front of the TV.

5) There will be more local foods available. Any body else ready for some fresh MA strawberries?

6) Staycations, Massachusetts is like paradise in the summer, we have the ocean & the mountains both within an hour drive/train trip.

7) I can unplug my work out, and save some electricity by running outside.

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