Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How to Spot a SLU Girl in Boston

     The wintertime always makes me a little nostalgic for my college days up at SLU. SLU is 5 miles from the Canadian border and can get insanely cold, which is why SLU somehow breeds a unique culture - a culture where warmth & comfort reign supreme. I was pretty much unaware how different SLU culture was from maintstream America until I realized how easily I could spot SLU alums. So here are my top 10 ways to spot a SLU girl in Boston:

10. She is frequently rockin' brown leather boots -usually Frye brand- instead of heels. Once the temp dips below 30, she trades in her stilettos for boots and laughs at the city girls who get their feet all cold and wet in the snow.

9. She likes whiskey and beer. While she has no problem with vodka or tequila, nothing keeps you warm in the winter like Jim or Jack!

8. She enjoys country music. (On Saturdays at Johnny's you are sure to find some SLU alumni. Its country night!)

7. She skips the coat check and hides her jacket somewhere in the bar.

6. She wears patagonia.

5. She travels with a flask or with a beer or two in her purse. After living in Canton where your average bill for the whole weekend was about $10, she tries to cut costs by bringing her own drinks. Sometimes this does not end well.

4. She rolls deep. SLU kids always travel in packs...or at least meet up in packs at the bars. Even kids that weren't really friends up at school all hang out together in the city.

3. She frequents dive bars. SLU girls are not usually the "clubbing" type. Instead, they like sports bars with cheap beer and a small dancefloor. Examples: Coogans, An Tains, The Point, Stats, Southie Beer Garden, etc. When she is up for a more intense evening she will hit sports bars with a bigger dance floor like The Harp, Johnny's, or The Grand Canal.

2. She doesn't use umbrellas. I'm not sure why, but no one carried an umbrella at SLU. I think it is because it was just too windy for it up there. Instead she has a serious raincoat.

1. Cardigans. SLU girls always wear cardigans. Layer, layer, layer!

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